We believe assets are often mis-priced in less liquid emerging markets - we can exploit this undervaluation.
GAIA also believes that value investing, using a rigorous fundamental approach with conservative assumptions to determine fair value, is the best way to generate superior returns and to control risk.


GAIA seeks for all its investment mandates to maximize absolute returns consistent with a disciplined risk control. Our style emphasizes an innovative approach, having few investment restrictions. The GAIA Resources Fund (GRF) focuses on global resource shares with a bias towards emerging markets, especially those in Africa and the
former Soviet Union.

The GAIA World Agri Fund (GWAF) invests opportunistically
in upstream farming operations, equipment manufacturers, agri technology providers and related businesses in emerging regions such as the former Soviet Union, Africa
and Latin America.

Equity investment prospects are short listed then crosschecked via fundamental analysis, (NPV, ratios,
site and management visits...), networking, etc.
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